#MCM: Nonini-Women are dramatic

Hubert Nakitare popularly known by his stage name Nonini is Kenyan recording artist, entertainer, radio presenter, businessman and philanthropist. Nonini, often referred to as the “Godfather of Genge” has been on the receiving end from different quarters over what has been deemed as explicit content in his songs including Nonini ni Nani, Manzi wa Nairobi and Weh Kamu as well as 2004 “Hanyaring Game” and “Keroro” which was a popular club banger. The cheerful, handsome, attention-capturing MCM spoke to Citizen Digital in an exclusive interview 11 years later. Since his high school days Nonini was a “joker”, he says. He attended Racecourse Primary School before enrolling at a high school in Ukambani because his mother would not trust him to attend a popular day school like his friends were. 1975054_10152367001106518_1291796123_n Despite popular perception, Nonini never engaged in bullying in high school though he says he did not take life too seriously. Nonini like most teenagers in high school also loved attending functions, ‘funkees’. His first girlfriend was in High school where he fell in the puppy love trap of sending each other love letters. Did he keep these letters from his high school sweethearts? “You have to dump these things the more you meet other women,” he said “Women have a lot of drama especially over such issues.” “Women are engineered the same. If I could have a meeting with God, I would ask him how he made women.” Nonini however, is ready to put up with the ‘drama’ that comes with women. “For every pretty woman, there is an angle of difficulty,” he intimated. The entertainer has been dating for a while and even has a son who he is very proud of. 11951153_10153640210846518_5556962290157258382_n When asked if he is getting married soon, he stutters and then says that he is indeed getting married soon although refused to disclose to whom. “You never know,” he said. He reiterated that his life in the spotlight is not ideal for his family saying he preserves his family, including his baby mama because he does not want them to be judged by the life he chose to live or dragged into all the drama. He however does not hold back when it comes to his son Jayden who is no stranger to his social media pages. His son is his number one fan, he says. “One day when we walked in to a Safaricom shop, one of my songs was playing, he rapped the whole song, the people at the shop just stared in amazement and when he was done, they all clapped for him.” “At 3 years my son was rapping, he is my biggest fan and I love him.” He intimated. Things indeed have changed quite a little for the Genge musician. He exudes an aura of somewhat seriousness in the room. Although he doesn’t believe that he has changed; he just believes his priorities are different. “Fatherhood has changed me; times have changed. When I was younger, releasing my first singles, I was in the heat of adolescence.” 11051806_10153459445951518_7100656167818275516_n In a moment of reflection he said: “In fact I want to go back to school, I did a diploma in IT but I want to go back to school in January to do a course in Business so I can get my masters.” He would also like to mirror his fellow East African musician, Professor Jay who ventures into politics but he is taking his time to prepare for office. “Anyway, that is for the future,” he says. What he does now is not farfetched from what he did from his early days in the industry. But now, more than ever his tone is more of earnestness, solemnity and increased persistence in his undertakings. As a director in PRiSK (Performers Rights Society of Kenya) he is actively engaged in the music industry and even strives to promote the local music in the nightclubs. 11700867_10153536032896518_3553425587010910320_n If you have been to Mojos on Wednesday, then you are familiar with African night, which also promotes local music. Since 2003 he was actively involved with the CMOs (Collective Management Organisations). Nonini picked up from where Poxi Presha (Prechard Pouka Olang) left off, being an activist against MCSK. ivaqlglwnelanyjszk564436ce6d647 “We never knew what was going on, we just knew there was a body that existed, but we didn’t know what the body was doing and they were collecting money for musicians.” “Unless you go knocking on doors like Poxi, you can never know what goes on,” he said. Poxi Presha was a pioneer Kenyan rapper with his hit songs, Mummy  and Jaluo Jeuri and worked as an anti-piracy activist. “Poxi was locked up by one of the CEOs in Malindi where he died.” Nonini said. He decided to take it upon himself to spearhead the fight and when garnered enough information at the time leading him to become one of the driving forces of the bodies. Nonini is not only involved in organizations that fight for the rights of those in the music industry, but he also runs not one, but two foundations. The Colour kwa Face foundation which fights against the plights of persons with albinism and EFC (Entertainment youth Fund for Charity) that holds basketball tournaments across the country. Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 3.42.52 PM If he is not busy at the studio making music for his fans to dance to, you will find him in the basketball court, being a point guard and trying to keep fit if Jaden does not distract him. 12227636_10153787908961518_3449324703243929785_n If you were wondering how he has shed weight, now you know. In his downtime the star also loves cooking and watches cook shows. He loves catching Jamie Oliver’s mouth-watering recipes on Food Network. His favorite times are when he gets time to spend with his son, taking him to theme parks all over the country. “There is no theme park I don’t know in Kenya,” he says. The mgenge true musician has not left his fans dry; he recently released three songs back-to-back named Mchezo na Ganji,Wanajishuku and Kukachora and is working on dropping his fourth studio album soon. “Watch out for my movie too, which premiers in 2016 called Code +254.” “It is all about the entertainment industry and Nameless and Amileena will feature as actors.” He added. The movie is dedicated to his bouncer who passed away recently  

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