Man threatens to leak Chipukeezy’s intimate photos before his wedding day

A man has threatened to release comedian Chipukeezy’s intimate photos days after the Itakuwaje funnyman engaged his long term girlfriend Vivian Kerry in a colourful ceremony that was held at his house in Buru Buru Phase V, Nairobi.

Chipukeezy, in a bid to own up; and take responsibility for his earlier actions, took to his official Instagram page on Friday, January 22nd and informed his fans of the blackmail he has been receiving from the tormentor; seemingly a blogger – going by the screenshot he shared.

“Hallo Vinny, first I would like to wish you Happy New Year and again to congratulate you for the wonderful proposal… I have come across some pictures I would like to share online and I don’t know your take on the same issue… I wanted your permission to go ahead and publish them; and if you want, I can send them to you to review,” reads the message sent to the comic star.

Chipukeezy ostensibly engaged his tormentor in a conversation; after which he (blackmailer) opened up about the amount of money he wanted.

He said: “… yeah we still on… Vinny I have your number. Let me send you the number you do the deposit… I am a man of my words… Once the deal is done, it is done… You will never see the photos again…”

Speaking to Citizen Digital, Chipukeezy disclosed that the man asked for Ksh 70,000 from him and later shot up his demand to well over Ksh 100,000.

When the comedian saw he had had enough of the blackmail, he courageously opened up to the public, asking his fans not to be shocked when they see his intimate photos on their timeline.

“Three years back, I was robbed my phone at gunpoint near Westlands roundabout. This week I received anonymous email from a person who is blackmailing me to pay him or he will go ahead and leak the pictures to the public,” said Chipukeezy.

“I take full responsibility for the stupid mistakes I made and, therefore, will face the consequences that will come my way; however much I may try to buy my freedom which has a price to me there is nothing as priceless as accepting my faults. May God forgive me. It is unfortunate that this comes few weeks after my engagement,” he added.

Chipukeezy’s message to his tormentor boldly states: “He won’t be cowed.”

“To the person responsible for this, it is up to you. What has been built over the years by Kenyans cannot just be destroyed maliciously. People sweat to earn a living; nothing comes as easy as you think. It’s my hope that one day you will define your purpose and be nice to the society.”

The Kimondio comedian says he has talked things over with his fiancée, Vivian ‘Kerry’; and says she has understood his dilemma.

“My fiancée is ready for anything, and honestly she’s understood my troubles; she’s ready to stand by me through this trying period,” Chipukeezy told Citizen Digital.

The couple got engaged on January 6th, 2016. Chipukeezy says they are yet to settle on a wedding date – but assures fans it would be soon.