Keroche’s CEO’s daughter buys herself an exclusive Xmas gift

Keroche’s CEO’s daughter buys herself an exclusive Xmas gift

Anerlisa Muigai, the daughter of Keroche Breweries CEO Tabitha Karanja, has bought herself a Christmas gift that is not a handbag or a car…It is an exclusive edition of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Harrod Edition mobile phone.

It is said that there were only 500 units of that phone produced globally.

The phone is made of metal and glass with a dual-edged curved screen.

The limited-edition box includes the S6 Edge 128GB in Platinum Gold, a wireless charging pad, clear view cover and engraving voucher.

It also includes an invitation to Samsung BlueHouse: A virtual members club which offers unique experiences and bespoke events, as well as exclusive previews of new technology and a 24/7 VIP service and customer care.

She posted the pictures on Instagram and wrote: “Dear Samsung, I have to say of all the Samsung phones I have used, Galaxy S6 Edge (gold) is the best phone ever produced and Harrods thank you for the platinum limited edition of it.”

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After minting her own money, Anerlisa does not shy away from spending it.

Despite receiving flack by social media users who thought she was being too extravagant, Anerlisa kept her head high.

However, she did not acquire her wealth easily. She went through a grueling experience to get her enterprise up and running despite her family background.

“I kept being heart broken and asking myself why Executive even ever existed. The first year and a half was hell but I did not give up. Today, we are in almost all retail stores and we appreciate all the feedback we get from our customers,” said Anerlisa on an Instagram post in October.

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She highlighted how both supermarkets and retailers had dismissed her: “Some buyers even dismissed us with no further questioning.”

She also gave advise to those who are aspiring to have successful businesses in future.

“Never give up on anything you want to venture into. A business can take up to 5 years to be established,” she advised.

“Whatever you do, do it to your best. Learn to listen and accept your mistakes as you correct them. Do have a successful week.”