Janet Mbugua: Why I’m struggling with parental guilt

Janet Mbugua: Why I’m struggling with parental guilt

Citizen TV News Anchor Janet Mbugua has revealed that while parenting her four-month-old son, Huru, has brought her much joy, she struggles with feelings of guilt.

In a candid YouTube video, the mother of one explained that being a mum is extremely demanding: “You are constantly feeding, following up and making sure your child is happy, well fed, clean…and this goes on and on. All the while you have to ensure that you take care of yourself and your partner.”

Balancing motherhood, marriage and a full-time job can take a toll on someone, and at times one needs to ask for a helping hand from others. For Janet, asking for this help sometimes leaves her feeling guilty.

“You feel guilty when you leave your baby with the nanny for just one night because you need to really catch up on your sleep,” she revealed.

In a separate blog post, Janet wrote a letter to her son saying that she sometimes feels low because she desires to do more than she is currently able to for him.

“There’s days I’ve felt down because I feel like I could be doing so much more for you. I feel confused and down. I’m sorry if my tired eyes have worried you from time to time; I guess we’re both just learning this new life together,” it read in part.

However Janet consoles herself in the knowledge that even with all the balls she is juggling, she is doing all she can for Baby Huru – a tricky balance that most modern working parents can relate to.

“I have spoken to a lot of parents who feel the same way, and apparently the guilt never goes away. So here’s to feeling guilty for many more years to come!” she says in the clip.

Another lesson that Janet is learning is that other people will constantly have opinions about how you should bring up your child, and sometimes this can be frustrating.

“People will always try to tell you what is right for you and your baby. It’s supposed to be something that you are growing into and you are not going to learn everything immediately, but people get the sense that you should already know,” she said.

The most important lesson about parenting that she has learned about motherhood is how rewarding it is: “I promise you there’s nothing like it! Even though I am sleep deprived and trying to figure it out, I would not trade it for the world”

Watch the whole YouTube video below:


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