How Nyambane made Lillian Muli dance on TV

How Nyambane made Lillian Muli dance on TV

Celebrated comedian Walter Mong’are better known Nyambane Friday night made news anchor Lillian Muli unleash her dance moves on Citizen Television’s One on One show.

Walter who was the guest on the 9:30 pm show also sent the sultry anchor into long teary laughter when he time and again took light jabs at her.

While wrapping up the show, Lillian asked the talented comic to dance the same way he used to while imitating retired president Daniel Arap Moi in the then popular comedy program Redykyulass.

Nyambane did not disappoint; he however asked Lillian to join him in the shakey-leggy moment. The gifted news presenter was hesitant at first, but the comedian used his wit into convincing her to dance.

Below is the excerpt of their conversation;

Lillian: Walter Mong’are made the president (Moi) look like a good dancer.

Nyambane: Oh, we are dancing?

Lillian: Not me; but I can stand watch you dance.

Walter: Please stand, and put your iPad down. I’ll teach you easy moves. Dance with me so that I can dance. This is Lillian’s moment. (Asks Lillian to face the camera). Leave your hands loose. And then give me one, two (they both dance; asks Lillian to ‘shake what she has,’ and she blushes; and stops dancing)

Old habits die hard; and Nyambane’s dance moves haven’t died yet – he effortlessly shook his waist to the rhythm of the music and even went down to the amazement of many viewers who took to Twitter to applaud him; making #OneOnOne the trending social media agenda of the night.

Nyambane on Lilian’s case 

Nyambane seemingly had chosen the show to be on Lillian’s case.

This was again evident when the host asked him to imitate yet another person besides his synonymous character of retired president Daniel Moi.

“If I was to try and play your character, Lillian, I think a lot will need to go into myself before I am transformed to be you. I mean there’s plenty that you have that I don’t have and we will have to avoid that discussion,” he said, unleashing a cheeky smile.

Tea on television 

If anyone watched the show, he absolutely has no doubt that Walter Mong’are is a tea enthusiast. At some point on air, he even asked for a second cup of tea; and when he realised that it would take long before he gets served, he ‘emptied’ Lillian Muli’s cup!

Lillian had until that point not sipped her cup of tea, and Nyambane posed: “Are you not taking your coffee because there’s no bread?”

This quiz sent Lillian into yet another long laughter.

Walter speaking to Nyambane on phone

Lillian asked the comedian to speak like Nyambane – a former character on Kiss FM’s Brekafast Show – which was played by Walter.

Walter requested for Lillian’s phone, inquired if she had airtime; which Lillian responded on the affirmative, and so; he called Nyambane.

The ‘two’ spoke over the phone using Kisii dialect; sending Lillian into uncontrollable laughter. Walter handed over a handkerchief to Lillian, and asked her: ‘can I wipe you?’

On a more serious note; Walter said he still plays the character of Nyambane quite often.

“Nyambane character has not died; but what I’d say we are two different people; he has his life and I have mine. However, a couple of times we do meet in functions. But when people call me that name, I wouldn’t say no,” Walter responded.

About Redykyulass

Redykyulass was a popular comedy show which aired on local television stations early 2000s.

The key acts were: Walter Mong’are who played former President Moi, John Kiarie; Mama Lucy Kibaki and Tony Njuguna; who played the immediate former president Mwai Kibaki.

Walter revealed how the three came up with the concept which would later sweep the airwaves.

“It was one of those beautiful accidents. We were in the middle of the cultural week at Kenyatta University and the program was a little bit running behind schedule. We were short of performances and Tony then was the head of the culture centre. We said why don’t we do something in the mean time to close the gap as we wait for the next item; and that’s how Redkyulass came about,” recounted Walter.

However, didn’t the program end unceremoniously? Nyambane explains: “On behalf of the Redykulass team, we appreciate the support all fans gave us. Yes, there’s the feeling we should have said a bye or ended the show in a certain way; but we felt we were ready to exit and leave the opportunity to other young and upcoming artists.”

Walter Mong’are is now the Communications Director of Nairobi County. He had previously served in the same capacity in Kisii County government.

The Communications expert revealed why he left Kisii County for Nairobi.

“The aspect of family is what brought me back to Nairobi; when the opportunity showed up in the same capacity as a Communication Director.”

“Nairobi is more challenging; it is a fast-moving county and I saw the challenge was better. I have got desire to grow beyond where I am,” he said.

Watch the One on One interview below:


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