Exclusive: Actress Nyasuguta’s shocking confession over claims of conning jobless Kenyan ladies

Exclusive: Actress Nyasuguta’s shocking confession over claims of conning jobless Kenyan ladies

Popular Vitimbi comedian Eunice “Nyasuguta” Wambui has dispelled allegations that she is conning female employment seekers.

The actress, who runs an agency called Nyasuguta Global Company Limited, recently hit the headlines after social media was awash with claims that she has conned several Kenyan women of their money after she promised them that she would help them secure employment in the Middle East.

In a November, 2015 in an interview with Citizen Television, Nyasuguta confirmed labour recruitment as her side-hustle besides acting.

“I am a recruiter; I link and facilitate the traveling of youth who are willing to fly abroad to seek employment. I have connected quite a number of them with employers in Dubai, and also local companies.”

A local tabloid recently ran an ‘expose’ linking Nyasuguta to illicit recruitment businesses.

“… This lady Eunice Wambui aka Nyasuguta of Vitimbi had an agent office for taking girls to the Middle East, she took my documents, passport and good conduct, she told me to work in her office as a secretary, I worked for two months she paid me nothing, later she asked me to give her Ksh 7,000 to get me a driving license yet I don’t know how to drive, she promised to take me to a driving school which she did not, later she told me I will go to Dubai as a family driver and I will be taught how to drive there, I failed to understand how I can go as a driver yet I don’t know how to drive,” a woman identified only as Rose told the tabloid.

She continued: “I got tired of waiting so I quit. I have been trying to ask her my documents and my suitcase it’s now 8 months. My question is I owe her nothing why is she holding my documents, does she have a human heart really?”

The actress has now spoken in order to set the record straight saying she knew Rose through a broker who worked for him.

“There’s a broker known as Dennis Oyaro who worked at my office. He would bring to me female clients who wished to travel abroad in search of employment,” said Nyasuguta.

“He brought one Rose [surname withheld] who sought recruitment as a family driver. She has now made the claims trend on social media after alleging that I conned her.”

She says Dennis decided to use Rose to tarnish her image because she (Nyasuguta) rejected his sexual advances.

“Yes I did (fabricate the story) and I will continue to if you don’t sleep with me. I am going to ruin your reputation,” reads one of the WhatsApp messages Dennis allegedly sent to Nyasuguta.

Nyasuguta replied to his message saying: “I can never have any relationship with you… You should respect me.”

Dennis responded: “You cannot reject me and go scot-free. Don’t you think we make a great couple? You are beautiful hardworking and famous. I want you to be mine. I will do anything for you.”

The lady Rose

Nyasuguta says Rose was relatively new in Nairobi and contacted her agency through Dennis to seek for a job as a driver abroad.

“She (Rose) was new in Nairobi. I thus chose to accommodate her at my place. I took care of her as I would do to my blood sister. I enrolled her for a driving course, which she successfully completed. Thereafter, she underwent a medical examination which turned out unsuccessful. Based on that criterion, unfortunately, she was ruled unfit to travel to the Middle East,” said Nyasuguta.

“Dennis has now used Rose to peddle rumours about me – saying that I have made it impossible for Rose to travel abroad. The broker had committed with Rose’s documents (passport) and there’s an agreement to prove the same. We had struck a deal that I would give back the lady’s documents if Dennis refunded me the money I had used to process passports for all his clients. He took advantage of my inexperience in the industry. He owes me approximately Ksh 87, 000.”

“Because he doesn’t want to refund me, he allegedly rushed to Central Police Station, and recorded a false statement that I withheld his clients’ travel documents.”

Nyasuguta denies knowing Rose as the secretary of Nyasuguta Global Company Limited.

“Rose had never been my secretary even for a day. She was a cleaner at my office for two months; I would pay her Ksh 300 per day. My sister Charity Muthoni was my secretary. I sacked Rose after she directed clients who had come to my company for passport processing to rival agencies.”

Has she taken any legal action against Dennis?

“I reported to the OCS Central Police Station on how Dennis and company were misusing me. The officer accepted to help me; but he is yet to.”

Citizen Digital reached out to Dennis Oyaro for a comment on Nyasuguta’s claims.

“I think that is nonsense. I knew Nyasuguta for sometime, but we later differed business-wise. I established my own business and left hers. There are some ladies I knew when I used to work with her. After sometime, Nyasuguta started going with ladies’ passports.”

He says that he has reported the matter to Central Police Station and action is yet to be taken on Nyasuguta who is currently out of the country.

“Nyasuguta has never been my girlfriend, I have never seduced her, I have never ever sought any sexual favours from her. She has a boyfriend whom she has been staying with in the office. The lover even called me yesterday (Tuesday). She started acting when I was in standard three; she is like my mother. How can I seduce such a lady?”

Dennis maintains that Rose was Nyasuguta’s secretary, and says that Nyasuguta had promised to facilitate Rose’s travel to Dubai.


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