Even from my sick bed I’ll come at you, Njambi Koikai tells blogger Nyakundi

Even from my sick bed I’ll come at you, Njambi Koikai tells blogger Nyakundi

Radio personality Njambi Koikai has blasted Twitter bigwig and blogger Cyprian Nyakundi for demeaning Kenyan disc jockeys.

The controversial blogger on Wednesday, February 17 posted an article on his website that was not received well by many online users – particularly reggae diehard Njambi ‘Fire Mummah’.

The media personality, who is currently admitted at Nairobi Hospital for an acute case of pneumothorax – an abnormal collection of free air in the chest cavity that causes the lung to collapse – criticised Nyakundi for “pathetic writing”.

“This (disc-jockeying) is supposed to be a fun, entertaining career that any DJ would execute flawlessly. But what do we have in Kenya? A bunch of impostors who want to leverage their publicity to sleep with any willing girl. The mix tapes DJs produce are mediocre, inconsistent and sometimes riddled with technical errors… 99% of Kenyan DJs have never practiced and base their playlists on mainstream media’s preferences,” reads an excerpt from the blog.

Nyakundi goes on to criticise music selection by Kenyan DJs: “Doesn’t it baffle you that with billions of songs having being produced in the last century, some DJs can only play less than 100 on heavy-rotation? No creativity, diversity and mastery of genres…”

Njambi took to her official Facebook page on Thursday, February 18 to express her dissatisfaction with Nyakundi’s sentiments.

“I have just come across this (Nyakundi’s blog). Firstly it’s REGGAE! (Nyakundi spelt reggae as ‘reggea’). Secondly, pathetic writing. Thirdly you know nothing about REGGAE and deejaying or better yet lemmi school you… (sic).

And school him she did. Koikai went on to point out that the blogger had mixed up terminologies – a mistake that she attributed to lack of research.

“In REGGAE it’s selecting not deejaying. So unresearched. I’m a fighter and defender of REGGAE before you write deep [expletive] like this, research. At least that’s what journalism dictates. You have no business comparing deejays,” said Njambi.

As if her schooling wasn’t enough, the reggae devotee went on to advise him on how he could have bettered his blog.

“What your focal point should have been is how technology has affected or improved the art of deejaying. Jaribu kuingilia REGGAE tena even from my sick bed my friend utatii. Inform yourself and gain knowledge before shallow writing like this,” she stated as she concluded her gripe.

Njambi Koikai is currently undergoing treatment at a Nairobi Hospital.


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