Drama as Davido publishes lab tests ‘proving’ his baby mama used bhang

Drama as Davido publishes lab tests ‘proving’ his baby mama used bhang

Nigerian pop star Davido and baby mama Sophie Momodu’s custody drama took another turn when Momodu and her lawyers requested for the original lab results that showed that she tested positive for cannabis.


Sophie did not take it lightly when Davido published a statement accompanied by the lab results on social media to back up his claim that she was an unfit mother for their 8-month-old child.


An indignant Momodu stated that she had never seen the drug test until it appeared on social media.


The drama began when Davido and his baby mama Sophia Momodu got into a bitter custody war after the pop singer attempted to take his daughter, Imade Adeleke, to Dubai on December 30 without Momodu’s consent.

Davido was denied clearance by the airport authorities who stated that the child’s mother had not given formal consent for the baby to be taken out of the country as required by law.

“Neither was a letter of authority from the mother to confirm her consent to the trip produced despite the airline being alerted,” read the petition.

Davido, on the other hand, defended his move saying his daughter needed urgent medical attention in Dubai after her “mother transmitted to her poisonous cannabis through breast milk”.

The 27-year-old refuted allegations by Davido that she smokes marijuana, adding that the allegation cannot be used as a reason to take baby Imade away from her.

Momodu has petitioned the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) alleging that Davido attempted to abduct their child.

Subsequently, NAPTIP invited the pop star over for questioning on Wednesday.


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