Dr Ofweneke’s wife reveals she almost considered prostitution

Dr Ofweneke’s wife reveals she almost considered prostitution

Comedian Dr Ofweneke’s sultry wife, Veronica Wanja, better known by her stage name Nicah the Queen, has opened up about considering venturing into prostitution to make ends meet at one point in the past.

In a recent Instagram post, the Pagawisha hit-maker divulged how life proved quite difficult after she made irreversible slip-ups which she today proudly owns up to.

“I’m a woman, I’m human, I make mistakes and not just mistakes but huge mistakes. I’m a mum of two beautiful girls. I got pregnant at a tender age and I thought my life was messed up, I cried 24/7,” she began her emotional narration.

Nicah said the birth of her daughter would later come to lower her self-esteem as she had been left with marks which she could not conceal.

“I’d look at myself in the mirror and cry my eyes out. I would go in a changing room with my friends, but I wouldn’t undress because of the fear of them seeing stretch marks on my belly,” reads the post.

Being a mother at a pretty young age comes with its fears – fears of an unknown future, deteriorating beauty, uncertain financial ability and self-blame for mistakes made.

“… Have I finished school? No… Will I ever be married? No… Will I ever get a job, am I beautiful? No… Can I even afford to feed my kid? No. Being brought up by a single hustling dad was never easy and now, I have messed my life up!” reads the candid caption.

After giving ‘no’ as response to almost each question, Nicah had to find a way out. She had to weigh her options.

And what were the available alternatives? She wrote: “Either to be: a bar maid, house-help, prostitute or some other kind of jobs.”

She, however, did not opt for any of the options. Instead, she chose to believe in God.

“I look at myself now and I don’t believe it! In real sense my kid was a blessing; she was a turning point in my life. I thank God for the fruits of my womb, I thank Him for the gift of life, and I don’t have any disabilities or have any physical challenges,” narrates Wanja.

The mother of two recounted when her age mate trampled on her self-esteem.

“I once got into a fight with a woman my age and she told me: ‘I don’t have time to fight with a mother go breastfeed in peace.’ I cried my eyes out but one thing I didn’t realize is God had a plan for me,” tells Wanja.

All I have to do is kneel down and let him be the driver of my life. Take the wheel Lord, mould me to a shape you want me to be.

The gospel songstress today tells of a victory story. She knows she is beautiful: “I’m a woman, I am beautiful, I am confident, I love my kids and I worship a living God.”

Nicah and Ofweneke, whose real name is Sande Bush, have been together for an undisclosed period now. The entertainment power couple is blessed with two lovely daughters.

Dr Ofweneke is a renowned comedian in the country whose jokes are hinged on his Nigerian persona.