Don’t have Ksh5.4M to spend? Here’s how to make Valentine’s Day special anyway

Don’t have Ksh5.4M to spend? Here’s how to make Valentine’s Day special anyway

When a city hotel announced that they had Ksh5.4 million deal for Valentine’s Day, many on social media were quick to dismiss the pricey package. What was more shocking, however, was the fact that nearly 10 couples were more than willing to splurge on the high-end weekend.

Shortly afterward, other hotels also started rolling out 5-star offers of their own. One lakeside hotel advertised a Ksh500, 000 deal that would cater for a helicopter tour around Lake Victoria, a yacht ride and candle lit dinner.

To most Kenyans, such offers are unrealistic. But does this mean that the day would be any less special?

Relationship expert Chris Hart thinks not. According to him, the significance of day is not about the amount of cash spent – it is about the thought that one puts into it.

“It’s really about knowing each other well, knowing what your wife or husband would really like and going out of your way to do it,” says Hart.

In a context where love has been overtly commercialised, how can a man wow his valentine without breaking the bank?

“It’s all about doing the unexpected. A man should be able to surprise the wife/girlfriend with breakfast in bed once in a while. Sending one or two messages implying that something is happening but also keeping it all very secretive can also help,” he said

Often, even after going to the pains of planning an exquisite evening, men end up exasperated when their significant others express disappointment because their wishes were not met.

So can a couple avoid this trap?

“Ladies should be able to point out to the men in their lives what they really want. Let’s face it men cannot read minds; a simple hint would not hurt,” advises Hart.

If you want to pop the big question on Valentine’s Day, this is what he advises: “Proposals should always be memorable even when they fall on Valentine day. The place of the proposal is very crucial, one needs to pick a place that even years later will still be in existence. This is important because a couple can be able to visit the place once in a while to freshen up their memories.”

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