Diamond Platnumz prefers this old woman – Zari Hassan

Diamond Platnumz prefers this old woman – Zari Hassan

Uganda’s finest socialite and Diamond Platnumz’s lover Zari Hassan has once again called out critics for referring to her as an old woman.

Zari says her tormentors took issue with her age after Diamond featured her in the video for his new hit Utanipenda, where according to the fault-finders she looked much older than Platnumz.

Irritated by constant persecution, Zari decided to put to bed the age debate in an abrasive Instagram post.

“Need I remind some fools that this was a music video; a lot of make up going on here and sometimes it just doesn’t do justice on face, so if age is what is bothering you, guess what – he (Diamond) knows there is a lot of young [expletive] out there! But then again, he prefers this old [expletive] right here. So take several seats and wait for us to give [expletive]… Not anytime though,” wrote Zari.

Zari’s age has for a long time been the subject of discussion among her followers with factions claiming she is ‘too old’ to be Diamond Platnumz’s partner.

It is these avowals which made Diamond to come out in April, 2015 to strongly defend his flame. In the interview Diamond, 26, said Zari is 34-years-old, and not 41 as sections of the media reported.

The rumour that the mother of four is a quadragenarian started when King Lawrence, the cousin of Zari’s ex-husband, claimed in January, 2015 that she was lying to the public about her age.

Despite the fault-finding by fans, Diamond has chosen to stick with Zari and has strongly made up his mind to continue loving the mother of his daughter, Tiffah Dangote.

The couple, christened ‘Zarimond’, is known to publicly display affection for one another and has been branded East Africa’s version of America’s celebrity couple Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan have been dating since November, 2014.

In a November, 2015 interview with Citizen FM’s Willy Tuva, Diamond divulged he will tie the knot with Zari soon.

He also disclosed Zari is a very good woman with wifely qualities, and he wouldn’t mind to spend the rest of his life with her.