Crazy World: Prostitutes force man to drink urine after he fails to pay for services

A man who procured sexual services from a commercial sex worker in Asaba, Delta State in Nigeria was treated to a bizarre punishment after he refused to pay for the services, says Nigeria media reports.

The enraged woman and her colleagues forced the hapless man to drink their urine mixed with water after he failed to fulfill his part of the contract.

It is understood the commercial sex workers had increased their “service charge” and duly informed customers. However, some clients claimed they were not aware of the new prices.

According to Ngozi Njeh, sexual services which used to be procured at N1, 000 (Ksh500) was increased to N2, 000 (Ksh1000); and night sessions from N5, 000 (Ksh2, 600) to N8, 000 (Ksh4, 100).

Trouble brewed for the unlucky customer after he spent the night with one of the twilight girls in a brothel, and in the morning, he insisted on paying Ksh2, 600 instead of Ksh4, 100.

The sex worker reportedly insisted on getting full payment for her services but when the client adamantly refused to pay the extra N3, 000 (Ksh1, 500), a brawl ensued between them.

Other commercial sex workers, who were booked in in the neighbouring rooms, heard the squabble, and in unison went to the ‘rescue’ of their colleague.

Anabel Onweh, one of the commercial sex workers told Nigerian media that besides forcing the man to drink their urine, they stripped and beat him up.

The man was only rescued when the management of the brothel summoned the police who stormed the place and dispersed the livid women.

According to Raphael, a cop attached to the A-Division Police Station in Delta, the matter was resolved amicably thereafter.

“We moved into the brothel with our men when we heard a shouting match between the commercial sex workers and their customer and on interrogation we discovered the customer refused to pay his bills and the matter was resolved amicably,” said Raphael.