Cheater busted by his 17 lovers, police escort him home

Cheater busted by his 17 lovers, police escort him home

It was a double tragedy for Chinese philanderer, Yuan, on March 24th  when he was hit by a car and subsequently visited by all his 17 girlfriends in hospital.

Yuan, who hails from Changsha, had been secretly seeing all seventeen women at the time of his accident.

When he was in hospital, doctors contacted all the women he was seeing believing that they were contacting his family members to let them know that he was injured.

As they trickled in one by one, they discovered that Yuan had been playing them all.

Sadly, all of the women were under the impression that they were having an exclusive relationship with him. So good was his ‘game’ that  some of the duped lasses had been with him for numerous years under the impression that they were in a monogamous relationship.

One woman, Wang Fang, had been seeing him for nine years, and they even had a child together.

“What can I do now? I don’t love him anymore, but I do love my son.” She said.

Another woman, who had been seeing him for one year 6 months, said: “I was really worried when I heard that he was in hospital. But when I started seeing more and more beautiful girls show up, I couldn’t cry anymore.” She added

Other girls said they had started planning their weddings with Mr. Yuan.

After the incident, the women decided to start a Facebook group so they could chat some more and discover how he was able to keep this secret, reports South China Post.

The story attracted immense reactions on Social media, some condemning Yuan’s actions and others in awe of the Casanova’s ways.

One user with the handle @shusshshussh wrote on Twitter: “What we can learn from Mr. Yuan of China with 17 girlfriends is that: players should NOT get into accidents & allow hospital visits.”

@J_Rain26 simply asked: “How does one manage to have 17 girlfriends?”

And one user known just as Shan said, “Salute this man RT: Man’s 17 girlfriends respond when he gets in car accident #awkward.”

Police launched an investigation into allegations of fraud.

It is too early to say if the girlfriends were victims of a scam, officials added at the time.

According to China Daily, a large part of Yuan’s motives were monetary.

He allegedly swindled his wife out of 250,000 Yuan (Ksh. 4 million) and apparently claimed hundreds of thousands of Yuan from his girlfriends.

China Daily further reported that he fabricated a degree in civil engineering from Central South University in order to gain employment yet he only held a diploma from middle school.


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