Burn! Ommy Dimpoz hits below the belt in rant about Tanzanian rapper

Tanzanian singer Ommy Dimpoz on Wednesday attacked his countryman Nay wa Mitego after the former released a new song dubbed Shika Adabu Yako in which he (Nay) called out Ommy Dimpoz, Wema Sepetu, Shilole among other high-flying Tanzanian celebrities. Dimpoz took to his Instagram handle and posted an unforgiving message which he directed to the Muziki Gani star.
Nay wa Mitego has revealed that he got his first baby when he was in Form Two PHOTO/COURTESY
Ommy Dimpoz attacked Nay wa Mitego after Nay released a new song dubbed “Shika Adabu Yako” PHOTO/COURTESY
“An open letter to Neema wa Mitego; first, I am sorry you are raising children by your own after their mums left you… “You should question what your problem is. You have money, a house, fame, top-of-the-range cars… and those are what most women would desire from you. Why is it that they’re running away from you?” posed the Baadaye singer. Ommy Dimpoz further advised Nay to conduct a DNA test on his three children, saying he suspects that Nay is not their biological father. Referring to a video of brown lady giving him a peck on the cheek, Ommy said he shared the recording on his timeline so that Nay can have a glimpse of his ‘taste’. “I have shared the video just to show you that you and I are playing in different leagues. The women I interact and relate with, you’ll only live to see them on television sets – because for you to get them, you have to be using the plane quite often. “I am filling my third passport, while you haven’t even filled the four pages of your first passport. You are used to cheap women; and now you want everyone to post a photo of their girlfriend – there you go; a woman from abroad has come to see me (referring to the lady in the video). Ommy proudly, authoritatively added he did Nay a big favour by talking about him on his platform. “I have answered you back so that I help you to promote your new song – at least you get a few shows to perform at…If you want to download Nay wa Mitego’s song Shika Adabu Yako, visit his bio Da Neema. The singer concluded his rant by claiming he slept with one of the rapper’s former flames. “One of the ladies you are boasting of, I had already engaged intimately with her; ask around, she will tell you…”  

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