Akothee speaks out on abortion 

Akothee speaks out on abortion 

Popular and celebrated musician Esther Akoth, famously known as Akothee, talked about abortion on her social media.

She went ahead to tell women to assume the same responsibility they accord their partners.

“Continue crying that he made you pregnant & dumped you, kwani you you dint participate? Look at how we roll with the fruits of our womb #saynotoabortion #bebamzigowako mama.”

She continued to use her experience as advice, “hawa walikuja na mabakuli tulingangana kuzijaza na hata hivyo bado tuko hai, shidaa haidumu, usilie mama, no condition is permanent. (These ones came with their own bowls which we struggled to fill and even then, we are still alive, problems do not last forever, don’t cry,..)” She divulged.

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Akothee has five children, four of whom she got at a very young age after eloping with her high school boyfriend.

“Love overwhelmed me and so I eloped with him. My parents tried to get me back home, but I refused. Once a Luo has made up her mind, who will say no?” she disclosed in a recent interview with Citizen Digital.

She conceived and gave birth to her first-born daughter at her parents-in-law’s houses

Akothee gave birth to her first born at the age of 14, second born at 15 and third born at 16.

She got her fourth born in the same marriage in 2000.

After splitting from her husband, Akothee decided to join her brother in Mombasa. At that time, he was running a taxi business and they would partner drive the taxi in turns. The little profit she got from the taxi business was spent on her young family.

One day, while she was doing her rounds in Mombasa, she met a diplomat who was interested in knowing what could drive such a beautiful young woman into taxi work.

That chance meeting was the beginning of a relationship that would dramatically change her life.

The diplomat invited himself to Akothee’s home, and their relationship grew from there. Akothee later relocated with the man to Zurich, Switzerland.

She conceived his child, her fifth born but at nine months she realized that the man was only interested in getting a baby with her- not marriage.

Angered, she took a flight back to Kenya where she started her music career.

Akothee loves having children and has admitted that having kids is a hobby for her and she would love to have other children.

“Kid number six is loading! Having many kids is a hobby, and I wish I could fall pregnant again.”