Akothee buys pricey Christmas gift for family

Akothee buys pricey Christmas gift for family

Jingle bells are ringing, and we all know what that means: Christmas gifts are on the way!

While many children are getting toy cars as presents, wealthy singer Akothee has gotten her family of an actual set of wheels, a Toyota Hillux double cabin.

On Sunday, the proud mother of five posted her gift to her family on Instagram captioning it, “ My shopping basket just arrived,haaa #sibuormadhako,#familychristmasgift, when the family grows bigger, then needs turns into wants & wants turns into mandatorys,#gold&whiteparty #aherokakola27th #rongomigoricounty.28th #teamakothee #akothee_empire #teambigfive  #youneedanantidotetobealuo.”

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Family first

The Djele Djele singer has been extremely vocal about the importance of family, going as far as discouraging women from aborting their children.

Despite having become a mother at a young age and under difficult circumstances, Akothee says she is blessed  to have a brood of five.

Akothee gave birth to her first born at the age of 14, second born at15 and third born at 16.

She got her fourth born in the same marriage in 2000.

Akothee loves having children and has admitted that having kids is a ‘hobby’ for her and she would love to have other children.

“Kid number six is loading! Having many kids is a hobby, and I wish I could fall pregnant again.” She told Citizen Digitalexclusively.

Some of Akothee’s songs include: Djele Djele and katika and nimechoka.

Controversy around her wealth

Akothee’s source of wealth has been questioned and people have gone even further to say that she gets her wealth by engaging in witchcraft.

In September, she rubbished those claims and said she works hard and that she has never visited foreign witch doctors in search of prosperity.

The Shengerera Mama  hitmaker told off  gossipers saying: “Some say I go to Nigeria to be buried in the grave for 7 days then when I come out wealth just follows me! Now am going there (Nigeria) officially and it’s the first time to have this visa on my passport. Let me see if I will be richer. If it does not happen, I am coming back to arrest all those people believing in witchcraft. Nkt!”

She also affirmed that she’s a strong Christian.

“I am a very good Christian. I rarely go to church, but I strictly follow all the Ten Commandments.” She said.

For those who would like to emulate her flashy lifestyle, she said: “Get up your lazy self and work; don’t turn your laziness into fictions, nothing comes on a silver plate.”