After being called non-existent, this is what Jaguar told Prezzo

After being called non-existent, this is what Jaguar told Prezzo

After Prezzo’s bizarre Friday night interview spawned rumours of drug alcohol abuse, fellow artist and National Authority for Campaign against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA) director Jaguar has offered him free rehabilitation care.

In the now viral interview, a seemingly intoxicated Prezzo makes several unwelcome advances to the show host, Betty Kyallo, and he proceeds to act in an unruly manner for the rest of the interview.

The My City My Town hit-maker goes further to allege the global pop icon Beyoncé Knowles cheated on him with her billionaire husband, Jay Z.

Such outrageous claims coupled with his antics in studio made people question whether the self-proclaimed “President of the Youth” has a substance abuse problem.

Prezzo-Jaguar beef and free rehab

During the interview, Kyallo asks Prezzo if he has a beef with the Kigeugeu hit-maker based on their past interactions, and Prezzo responds saying Jaguar is “non-existent”.

The Naleta Action singer claimed that President Uhuru Kenyatta did Jaguar a favour by posing for a photo with him saying: “He’s actually fortunate because I knew about him after I saw him take a picture with my friend, His Excellency the President.”

Put off my his Prezzo’s seemingly condescending remarks, Jaguar’s fans reported asked him to respond to the singer, but the Kioo singer said that times have changed and he could not start a beef with the “CMB President”.

“Alot of people have asked that I respond to @prezzo254 … If it were 5 years ago I would have made time to beef around with him… As a director at NACADA i am busy addressing issues affecting the youth in our country,” said Jaguar.

Comenting on the drug abuse rumours, Jaguar said that he could offer free rehabilitation treatment at a center in Nairobi or Mombasa.

“What Prezzo is going through is what we are fighting… The best I can do is offer him a complimentary at one of our rehabilitation facilities in Nairobi or Mombasa. He’s free to choose where he prefers to go,” posted Jaguar.

While his free rehab offer garnered him praise from some Facebook users, others claimed that he used the Prezzo incident as a PR opportunity.

“Not supporting what Prezzo did but you just ridding this story for the buzz. Who are these many people and which question are they telling you to answer? The only difference between you and Prezzo is that you show off by pretending to be humble and he is just to wasted to care about humility,” said Wilson Bundi.

Others critised him for making the post stating that if his aim was to actually help Prezzo, he should have reached out directly-not on a public forum.

Njosh Bern added to the discussion opining that if Jaguar’s aim was to help Prezzo, he should have catered to the need instead of mocking him.

“Jaguar, that’s not what we call helping someone in need. Indeed what you are demonstrating is mockery in the name of doing your work. If you want to preach to a hungry man, first feed his stomach and he will listen to you,” stated Bern.