After bashing Wema, Ommy Dimpoz ‘Muziki Gani’ star receives chilling death threats

After bashing Wema, Ommy Dimpoz ‘Muziki Gani’ star receives chilling death threats

Just a few days after Nay Wa Mitego released a new song dubbed Shika Adabu Yako in which he (Nay) disparages Ommy Dimpoz, Wema Sepetu, Shilole among other high-flying Tanzanian celebrities, the rapper has received death threats from unknown people.

Reports say Nay’s tormentors called and ordered him to pull down the song. Failure to comply with this demand would result in death, the singer was warned.

The Muziki Gani star received even more death threats on Instagram.

His mother and close relatives have since advised Nay to report the matter to the police.

The rapper reported the matter at Kimara Police Station, but he was asked to return to the post the following morning.

“The mother has panicked to an extent she just weeps. She thinks her son might be killed any time soon,” said an insider.

Nay said: “I am confused. I will go back to the police station and record a statement. I risk being killed (sic).  The message I received on Instagram is very scary.”

Dimpoz attacks him

Upon release of his song Shika Adabu Yako, Ommy Dimpoz attacked the rapper on social media.

“An open letter to Neema wa Mitego; first, I am sorry you are raising children by your own after their mums left you…

“You should question what your problem is. You have money, a house, fame, top-of-the-range cars… and those are what most women would desire from you. Why is it that they’re running away from you?” posed the Baadaye singer.

Ommy Dimpoz further advised Nay to conduct a DNA test on his three children, saying he suspects that Nay is not their biological father.

The singer further claimed he slept with one of the rapper’s former flames.

“One of the ladies you are boasting of, I had already engaged intimately with her; ask around, she will tell you…”