Actress embarrasses MP over daughter’s salon money

Actress embarrasses MP over daughter’s salon money

Tanzanian socialite and actress Faiza Ally has been bashed by social media users for posting a video on Instagram with an intention of embarrassing her daughter and her estranged husband, Joseph Mbilinyi alias Sugu.

The mother of one recently posted a disturbing recording showing her daughter, Sasha, in tears while asking for money from her father, Sugu, the Member of Parliament for Mbeya Urban constituency.

“Dad, send me money to plait my hair,” Sasha is heard saying in the video. The mother who is not visible in the recording can be heard responding: “What’s the name of your father?”

“Joseph Mbilinyi,” Sasha replies as she breaks down painfully.

“Anyone who knows the father of this child, tell him she’s crying because she wants salon money. She’s asking the father to send her money because he has cut communication with me; I am hopeful you will relay the message. I don’t have money to take her to salon,” Faiza captioned the video.

However, many social media users were appalled by how Faiza treated Sasha cruelly.

“…That’s how you are infringing the rights of this child on social media? I sympathise with her,” wrote one follower.

Another one posted: “No, Faiza. Today you are wrong! She is just a kid! We love you, but you’ve gone overboard.”

When the acrimony directed at her proved too much to bear, Faiza retorted in yet another lengthy post.

“Being in custody of Sasha does not bar the father from being responsible for her welfare. And to those who claim that I am being cruel towards her, do you even know how much I am paying for house rent, upkeep….Being a single mum isn’t easy! I am just expressing what I feel.”

“Sometimes emotions can overwhelm you when there’s no sufficient support coming your way, and you know very well that your co-parent is capable. It’s not that I am financially incapacitated. But sometimes I get agitated when my child asks for something that I cannot offer instantly. Her father is capable, but he is rather revenging by putting all parental responsibilities on me – simply because I separated from him.”

Faiza has also called out her estranged husband for taking her through tedious court process which she says has consumed a lot of her money, yet no solution seems to be forthcoming.

The actress adds that she has the freedom of expression, and that no one should limit her; so long as it’s within the law.

Faiza loses child custody

In June last year, Faiza regretted wearing a dress that exposed her bottom at the Kilimanjaro Awards 2015 rep carpet event; consequently leading to the loss of a child custody case.

Sugu, rapper turned politician, filed a lawsuit asking the court to consider transferring child custody to him arguing Faiza’s dress code at the annual event raised questions on the morality of Sasha’s mother.

The Mbeya Urban MP won the case, but the mother is granted frequent access to the daughter.

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