Actress Awinja speaks out on ‘relationship’ with comedian Sleepy

Actress Awinja speaks out on ‘relationship’ with comedian Sleepy

Popular Papa Shirandula actress Jacky Vike, better known as Awinja, has finally cleared the air about the relationship rumours that linked her to comedian ‘Sleepy David’.

Noses were poked into the duo’s personal lives on July 2015 when comedian Sleepy ‘proposed’ to Awinja on stage during the 2015 Luo Festival.

Speaking to Citizen Digital, Awinja said what Sleepy practiced was a scripted act which was meant to dramatise his performance.

“I am not in a relationship with Sleepy. What took place at Luo Festival was a product of a script. When it was his time to go on stage, it was only good enough for us, his friends, to go and support him – that’s what I did.”

Adding yet another reason why she was paired up with Sleepy, Awinja clarified: “We were many (performers) that day and Agwambo was to address the gathering on the same platform. So we were scheduled to make it to the podium in pairs to save time.”

“And you know us as performers, cannot afford to just go on stage and greet the crowd – we have to entertain them briefly by putting up a show. So Sleepy ‘proposing’ and all that which took place, was just acting,” Awinja revealed.

The ‘proposal’ was taken seriously by entertainment writers and bloggers who went ahead to publish the story on their websites.

Awinja however did not divulge whether she is dating or not.