15 famous celebrities without makeup, some pictures will shock you

15 famous celebrities without makeup, some pictures will shock you

They are the definitions of perfection when they grace the front pages of magazines, but when the layers of makeup come off-they are nearly unrecognizable.

Image is everything-especially in the entertainment industry. Because of this, celebrities spend thousands of dollars on products and professional makeup artists in a bid to get the perfect look.

Away from the glamorous ‘camouflage’, images of these celebs will shock you:


  1. Lady Gaga

Her fans are known to go gaga about her songs, but not for her natural look. Underneath all that makeup, she’s a plain Jane.


  1. Adele

The British songstress and song writer, who was named the 2008 number one break through act in an annual BBC poll of music critics, is criticized for not making a breakthrough with her makeup free face.


  1. Madonna

The American singer’s fans love her for her crazy antics and red carpet attire, but they are not crazy about her au naturel appearance.


  1. Tyra Banks

When supermodel Tyra Banks first posted a picture of her ‘naked face’ on social media, people were shocked.

During her show, FAB-life, in September with Chrissy Teigen she removed her make-up yet again in front of a cheering live studio audience. She did this as part of their “Nude”-themed episode spotlighting “nude” trends in food, fashion, home décor and beauty.


  1. Kerry Washington

A fearless Kerry Washington known as ‘Olivia Pope’ in the dramatic series Scandal, on a normal day.

Kerry Washington

  1. Mila Kunis

If Ashton Kutcher does not mind his girlfriend’s naked face, why should you?

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 6.10.21 PM

  1. Katy Perry

The singer, songwriter and actor reminds me of her hit song, Hot N’ Cold. Am sure you can see why.


Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 7.15.15 PM

  1. Pamela Anderson

With her assets from her plastic surgery, it’s ok to go out without makeup, because no one will be looking at her face anyway.


  1. Kim Kardashian

This is the real raw Keeping up with the Kardashians reality star’s look without make up. Yes, I was disappointed too.


  1. Sofia Vergara

Makeup really helped the situation when Vergara and her husband, Joe Manganiello, were named the hottest couple when they stepped out at the September 2015 Emmys.



  1. Khloe Kardashian

No wonder the Kardashian sisters have their own make up line.


  1. Lindsay Lohan

The actress is well known for her pouty glossed lips and her overly bronzed skin. Well that and the loads of makeup she slathers on.


  1. Ann Hathaway

The actress who is famous for the role in the movie The Princess Diaries looks a lot less like one without make up.


  1. Jennifer Lopez

The sultry Puerto Rican is simply unrecognizable without her famous bronzer and coating of lip gloss.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 6.15.41 PM 


15.  Britney Spears

I rest my case.


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