Treasury moves to address high cost of ugali

Kenyans will be able to breathe a sigh of relief as the government moved to lower the high cost of maize and wheat flour in the country.

In a move aimed at addressing the high cost of living, the national treasury has introduced a raft of incentives aimed at lessening the burden on millions of Kenyans.

For instance the government has allowed for the duty free importation of white maize for a period of four months.

In his address National Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich announced the removal of value added tax on maize and bread flour.

“In order to make these commodities affordable for the common Mwananchi, I propose to zero rate bread and maize flour to remove VAT altogether,” Mr Rotich said.

A two kilogram packet of maize is averaging Sh130, further adding to the high cost of living.

Manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers of maize flour and bread will be expected to pass through the benefits to consumers or risk having the incentive scrapped.

“Failure to which, I will reverse the policy. In addition to further lower the cost to wananchi, the importation of maize during the next four months will be duty free. I expect, therefore to see a reduction of prices for these basic commodities which enjoyed by majority of our people,” Mr Rotich stressed.