Toyota, Honda to recall over 5million cars

Toyota, Honda to recall over 5million cars

Toyota and Honda companies are recalling specific vehicle models from the American and Canadian market.

According to CNN, Toyota will be recalling 2.9 million cars in the United States due to faulty equipment that could likely be ineffective in protecting passengers during a crash.

“The ECU may not have adequate protection against certain electrical noise that can occur in certain crashes, such as severe underride crashes,” the statement reads.

The particular fault is in the electronic control unit which is designed to process incoming signals from crash sensors and trigger deployment of the airbag and even seatbelt tightening.

To fix the certain versions of the  2011-19 Corolla, 2011-13 Matrix, 2012-18 Avalon and 2013-28 Avalon Hybrid, Toyota plans to install a noise filter at no extra cost to the cutomers.

In a separate announcement on Tuesday, Honda stated they will recall 2.4 million cars from the U.S market and 300,000 that are in Canada.

This is because some 1996- 2003 Acuras might have dysfunctional airbag inflators that lack appropriate seals.

Honda is calling on customers to sign up for inspections that they will begin to undertake in a years time.