Tea farmers to gain from exports factory being set up in Limuru

Tea farmers to gain from exports factory being set up in Limuru

Tea farmers in the country are set to benefit from a state-of-the-art factory being set up at Ngarariga area in Limuru, Kiambu County.

The factory under the Limuru Highlands Trust intends to export specialty teas to the Asian countries of Uzbekistan, Kazakstan and Tajikistan, which represent a new frontier as far as tea markets are concerned.

This will be one of the highlights of the upcoming 70 kilometre bicycle race in the Limuru Highlands on Satursday, September 25.

The event which will be held to showcase the 131 square kilometer exclusive economic zone opportunities for local and international investors, is being organised by the Limuru Highlands Trust – under formation.

According to Ms. Njoki Wainaina, the convenor of the Limuru Highlands Trust (LHT), the idea behind the event is to preserve, a sustainable heritage given the current state of mushrooming and unplanned developments in the country.

“Indeed, the LHT is working towards a total economic transformation program of the 40.000 jobs currently generated by agro industrial activities in the zone.

The plan will radically transform the dairy, specialist fanning of strawberries, gooseberries, cheese cottage industry and unique hospitality facilities which have been operating in the area since 1922, among others,” said Ms. Wainaina.

An estimated 100 world class bikers will be taking part in the Bikathon which will kick off from the historical 1924 Kentmere Club and traverse the five zones of Cianda, Riam Ridge, Kentmenre, Tigoni and Redhill.

The world class 20 strong team of the ” Joy Riders ” Club will all also be part of the race.