Petrol price up to Ksh.112.8 per litre in Nairobi

September’s review of maximum pump prices on petroleum products will see petrol price and that of diesel prices rise. The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) has raised petrol and diesel prices by 28 cents and Ksh.2.44 respectively. The scheduled mid-month review will see the price of petrol jump to Ksh.112.81 per litre in Nairobi. The price adjustments take effect from midnight on Sunday and run through the rest of September to Monday October 14, 2019. EPRA however cut its ceiling price for kerosene by Ksh.3.31 per litre to stand at Ksh.100.64 per litre. Diesel which sees the largest jump in pricing will meanwhile settle at a higher Ksh.103.04 per litre. The changes are attributed to a change in the cost of the differentiated petroleum products. “The free on board price of Murban crude oil lifted was posted at Ksh.6416.90 ($62.30), a decrease of 5.82 percent per barrel in July 2019,” noted EPRA in a statement issued Saturday. At the same time, the Kenyan shilling exchange rate against the US dollar dipped marginally from Ksh.103.31 to Ksh.103.44 during last month.  

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