NLC revokes titles of grabbed airport land

The National Lands Commission (NLC) has revoked title deeds and leases of land owners said to have encroached airport lands across the country.

This comes after the Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) raised the red flag after having to postpone expansion of at least three airports that had been encroached by squatters or illegally acquired.

National Lands commission Chairman Muhammad Swazuri says the commission has embarked on a countrywide audit of airport land with eviction notices set to be issued.

The commission chair said that some of the squatters have title deeds which are illegal since the airstrip was allocated 100 acres during the subdivision of Diani Settlement scheme.

“There are squatters we have seen living on this airport land slowing down expansion plans. Secondly there are people claiming to have titles which we are now saying are illegal,” Prof. Swazuri said during a tour of the Ukunda Airstrip adding that squatters on the land would not be compensated.

The audit is set to be complete by March.

The lands commission has at the same time called on those buildings on aircraft flight paths to ensure they adhere to the required standards.

According to NLC, Buildings on a designated flight path are not meant to be more than 20 meters high.

Prof Swazuri said the commission would be forced to demolish structures that don not meet the requirements.

“We will give notices of demolition to anyone who has built a building more than 20 meters on the flight path. Security and safety are the two most crucial items when it comes to airports,” he stressed.