NLC cancels KAA land valuation for Malindi Airport expansion

The National Lands Commission (NLC) has revoked a land valuation carried out by the Kenya Airport Authority (KAA) to compensate 130 families occupying land earmarked for the first phase of the Malindi Airport expansion.

NLC Chairman Prof Muhammad Swazuri said the evaluation done in 2012 by KAA at Kwachocha south area was illegal and is not recognized by the commission which is the only body mandated to carry out such valuations.

“Under the new constitution it’s the National Lands Commission which is mandated to acquire land for the expansion of the airport, therefore the 2012 valuation shall be set aside, we don’t recognize it, and shall do fresh evaluation,’’ Prof Swazuri said during a meeting with residents of Kwachocha.

Prof Swazuri took the residents through the constitutional processes required to acquire the land and announced that unlike the previous process that lasted five years his would only take one month.

A letter from the Ministry of Transport requesting the land for the expansion of the airport has been sent to the affected persons.

“After inquiry we shall send officers for inspection of property, evaluation of property and land , we shall go and demand tittles and question their legality , whoever obtained tittle deeds legally shall lose the ownership documents while the genuine shall be compensated,’’ he said.

The National Government released Sh300 million to compensate the 130 families, who will be displaced from the 25 hectares meant for the airport’s expansion.

The money has hover been delayed over the five year period.

The NLC chairman however said the delays in compensating the residents caused by lack of funds which were now available.

Prof Swazuri said by April the commission will have completed the process of compensation at Kwachocha south before moving to other areas earmarked for expansion.