Motor insurance coverage valid under curfew hours: IRA

Motor insurance coverage valid under curfew hours: IRA

Motorists driving under curfew hours will still have their motor vehicle insurance coverage valid according to the insurance regulator.

The Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) cleared the air on motor insurance coverage in light of ongoing restrictions to contain the COVID-19 pandemic and amidst controversy on the loss of policies for motorists driving within curfew hours.

“Curfew hours is not one of the exclusion currently existing in motor polices. No one can therefore exclude coverage because you are driving past curfew hours. We would urge Kenyans to obey government directives, but nevertheless, your insurance cover covers you at all times as long as you have a valid contract with your insurance company,” said IRA Chief Executive Officer Godfrey Kiptum on Wednesday.

At the end of last week, the Association of Kenya Professional Insurance Agents (AKPIA) had warned Kenyans against driving within curfew hours arguing this could render motor insurance claims invalid.

“Insurance companies, agencies, brokers, would like to inform you that driving past curfew hours without essential services authorization or valid emergency reasons could render your motor insurance claim invalid,” AKPIA said in a statement.

In a letter dated March 25 from Heritage Insurance, seen by Citizen Digital, the underwriter rejected a client’s claim for an accident which happened at 10:30pm saying the client had engaged in an illegality by driving under curfew hours.

IRA has urged Kenyans experience challenges with insurers regarding a matter of the same nature to engage the regulator for assistance.

The regulator argues insurance companies are not charged with enforcing the COVID-19 containment measures.

Motor vehicle insurance policy terms were standardized in 2012 with insurance firms being required to apply for exclusions with the IRA.

However, IRA says none of the country’s underwriters has applied to vary the terms since the entry of COVID-19 containment measures last year.

“No one has made any request or application since March last year when COVID-19 measures were put in place,” added Kiptum.

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