Kogelo traders want Obama to address water shortage

Business women in Kogelo village, Siaya County revealed their wish list to President Barrack Obama ahead of his visit to Kenya, despite knowing the American leader will not set foot in Siaya.

The women said they were expecting President Obama to visit Kogelo so that they could table to him some of the business challenges they are facing.

Sarah Otieno, a cereals and produce businesswoman in Kogelo town, said she has a number of issues which she wishes Obama could help tackle.

“We are currently facing water shortage in Kogelo. How I wish Obama could address some of the issues we are struggling with,” said Ms Otieno.

Sarah further added she desires Obama could personally visit Kogelo to see by himself the problem of water shortage which is biting, consequently affecting business operations.

“People walk for long distances in search of water; if you look around, you would see men and women moving to different destinations with containers on donkey backs seeking to find water sources.”

Siaya Donkeys
Donkeys at Kogelo village with water cans put on their backs. The area is faced by water shortage Photo/Brian Okoth

“A 20-litre jerry can of water goes for Ksh 20 which is very expensive. I know Obama would address this problem by installing a water pump at the river to channel the scarce resource to different business centres and homes in Kogelo,” she added.

Second problem to water shortage according to Ms. Otieno, is lack of good transport networks linking Kogelo and Siaya town resulting to poor business.

Boda bodas are the only available means of transport between Nyangoma Kogelo village and Siaya town centre.

Sarah termed that a major challenge as traders cannot buy goods in bulk.

The average transportation fee charged by boda boda operators between Nyangoma Kogelo and Siaya town is Ksh 150.

“Businesses are not doing well. There are no adequate vehicles to transport business people from Kogelo to Siaya town. We rely heavily on transport to purchase our products for sale. Since Obama approves of development, I know he would have addressed the transport problem,” said Sarah.