KICC open doors to local artists 

KICC open doors to local artists 

Report by Sherlyne Anyango 

Local artists are now free to showcase their talent at the Kenyatta International Convention Center (KICC).

This follows after a move by the management of KICC to create a work space for local and upcoming artists show case their talent at no cost.

Speaking today during the launch of the program, KICC managing director Nana Gecaga said the initiative would help spur job creation especially among youth which in return would boost Kenya’s economy.

“Our dream would be creating jobs through the artists and economic repel effect it will be able to show and add to Kenya’s economic growth. I see this being a huge export and contributing a lot to our economy,” Ms Gecaga said.

The program is scheduled to run for one year focusing on art work that varies from different fields including painting, photography, sketches and even bead work.

The program will be taking place every two weeks giving with a rotation of eight artists enabling them earn from their art work.

“This move is part of drawing tourists to appreciate Kenya’s creative industry which has a potential to grow and be a major tourist attraction,” she said.

Ms Gecaga added that the decision came after receiving a lot of requests from artists on her Instagram handle.

According to one of the artists already in the program, this initiative will give her a platform to market her art work which has been a problem to her and most artists in the creative industry.

“It is a privilege for most of us to get this opportunity because now we can access market easily,” she said.

Finally the heavy storm has passed for artists struggling to access market for their work .Until this moment artists have had to showcase their art on the streets.

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