Kenyan firm Techlait sets up new e-learning platform for children

Kenyan firm Techlait sets up new e-learning platform for children

A Kenyan tech-company has set up a new e-learning platform for children who are still at home in the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Techlait Innovation (K) Limited offers lessons suitable for students in the 8.4.4 system as well the competency based curriculum.

“The team has worked hard on this product from September 2019 however, COVID-19 has accelerated our early release of 844 Content to cater for the candidates both in high school and primary,” said Julius Bett, the Team Leader at Techlait Innovation. comprises of over 400 lessons targeting pupils and students from Class 6 to Form 4.

Features include preview lessons before purchase; tools to track a student’s progress; standard and High Definition (HD) videos; option of learning in offline mode as well as a notes taker tool.

Mr. Bett said the team is keen to achieve inclusivity and will be making the platform available on feature phones as well.

“Techlait is pleased to champion the need of our children’s safety through meaningful content and within acceptable screen time. We offer a flexible package ranging from a single lesson, 8 lessons, 288 lessons and 805 lessons,” he added.

He further noted that the platform seeks to addresses challenges ranging from the impact of COVID-19 on learners and allows each learner time to grasp a topic at their pace.

Additionally, it enables parents to be part of their child’s schooling and engages children with meaningful and practical lessons including music though online piano lessons.

On March 15 this year, President Uhuru Kenyatta directed that all learning institutions be closed over COVID-19.

Digital learning was proposed as an alternative with some learning institutions embracing technology to teach learners from home.

Children in Grade 4, Class Eight and Form Four have however since resumed physical learning.

Education CS George Magoha said the progressive re-opening of schools will begin with students in the three levels who are expected to sit their national exams in March 2021.

All other students are to remain home until January 2021 when the Government announces resumption of in-person learning.

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