Kenya to position tea tours as part of tourism offerings

Kenya to position tea tours as part of tourism offerings

Kenya is positioning tea tours as part of top tourism experiences that will add to the diversity of tourism products offered by the destination.

Bomet County on Friday played host to the unveiling of the tea tourism product ceremony paving the way for packaged tea tours across tea growing areas in the country.

“Countries such as India and China boast of tea tours, they have curved this niche because of the crop which Kenya is also known for, an opportunity we have sat on for so long,” said Tourism and Wildlife CAS Joseph Boinnet.

Speaking during the launch of the tourism product, CAS called on tour operators in the region to immediately package their travel plans to incorporate the tea product in line with the diversity of tourism packages.

“There is no better way of building a synergy between tourism and agriculture than embracing tea tourism as an entry point to agro-tourism ventures.

This will not only sustain our economic livelihoods, but our tourism strategy to diversify product offering,” said CAS.

For the south Rift region, Boinet pointed out, the perfect blend of both tea and wildlife safari offered by the famous Masai Mara Game reserve will be an exciting travel plan for both the local and international visitor.

Kenya is globally known for her great agricultural and horticultural offerings especially tea, coffee, and flowers.

These are attributes, Boinet noted, should be jealously guarded and harnessed to propel country’s economic gains.

With the unveiling of tea as a tourism experience, local and international visitor will be taken through a journey of tea husbandry popularly known as ‘from the bush to the tea cup’.

According to the tourism marketer, Kenya Tourism Board (KTB), there is already increasing interest by travel agencies for tea tours in Kenya.

Bomet governor Dr. Hillary Barchok said the strategic location of the county as a gateway to the world famous Maasai Mara Game Reserve will give opportunity for travelers to experience both the tea and wildlife safari as one package.

He said the region will anchor the destination for tea tours already showcased in countries such as India and China.

The launch of this product is the beginning of full exploration and maximization of benefits that is inherent in the tea product both at economic and social levels “affirmed the governor.

Kenya is among the top three leading producers of tea with exports to Asia, Europe and the US.

The suitable weather coupled with good husbandry has ensured that Kenya’s position as a premier tea destination remains undisputed.

Kenyan tea is used to blend teas from other destinations, an attribute that makes it the best globally.