KAWIRA: How to earn millions ‘working for yourself’

I was once told that “our talent is not a decorative piece it is an inborn gift from God”.

This clearly means if discovered and tapped into it could be a vehicle to financial breakthrough. I have seen not one but a couple of instances where some youths who, up to their early 20’s, claim that they have no talent or they have not discovered it yet.

However ‘absurd’ it sounds; they sound so convinced in their argument. Why Am I insisting in one’s discovering their talents? Truth be told we are living in a world where the talented are succeeding in life, earning more money than the employed counterparts as a result of wise use of their gifts.

We all know a person or two who are living luxurious lives off their special ‘gifts’.

Talents come in many forms and are unique to all individuals. I call it a ‘special kind of blessing’ from our divine creator.

It’s about time we learnt to appreciate our talents and do something with them.

The fact is, it is a waste having an ‘idle’ talent because nobody gets money or is acknowledged for just being talented. We ought to discover our talents and actualise them in order to add economical value to them. The problem is we are just too lazy to do anything about it, we are too comfortable and we prefer being in our comfort zones.

Drawing and paining for example is a talent that can be identified early in life and earn you a good living in life. Sadly most people gifted in the arts do not take it seriously and leave their God-given talent to look for other forms of employment, others remain unemployed for a long time.

They forget that just like precious stones they were once raw materials that were mined and processed into precious jewels, we need to treat our gifts as raw materials that require to be processed to produce to valuable goods.

We ought to encourage talent, practice and make more skillful use of our talents. We owe it to ourselves to perfect our talents and master the skill.

Talent in itself has to be honed to the point of it being a skill. Take for example renowned footballer Lionel Messi who is arguably one of the most talented footballers in our time.

I believe he wouldn’t be who he is today if he did not spend time and effort to master his talent to the point it became a skill. Hence his perfection of the gift is what earns him a fortune.

The fact is nobody employs talent or bothers with you just because you are talented, but if you perfect your skill then that is your path to making millions off your talents. Employers want a skill that’s both unique and perfect, that is your bargaining chip.

Unfortunately most parents do not emphasize on nurturing talent, but that does not mean you should give up. Your talent will make you stand out in your chosen field.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not speaking against college education; I am an advocate for better education to improve our livelihoods and that of our loved ones but your unique talent could bring you much more joy and money if utilized well.

Zacharia Chiliswa of Jesuit Hakimani Centre (Centre that helps youth nurture creative talent) says, “Studies indicate that young people think that they can only work in companies and not start something of their own and they need to change that attitude.”

He further adds: “A majority of the youth think about getting employed but do not think on how to transform the society using the skills they have. Do not become complacent and fall into the trap of believing as a graduate you have to get employed or else be branded as a failure”.

Each one of us has a unique gift that we ought to discover through self-awareness, the gifts include, to mention but a few; drawing and painting, sports, singing and rapping, comedy, acting and drama, writing or public speaking. I am sure we can all relate to at least one thing we have been told we are good at.

For instance we all know that one person who from way back was always good in drama, but because of stereotypes set by our parents and society they were forced to pursue a career path they hated. What a waste of time!

So let’s all purpose to nurture our talents, it is never too late. Also let’s take it upon ourselves to nurture the talents of those close to us.

Lastly they are a number of reputable institutions and academies that nurture talents and ideas, find out more about how they can help you today. Who knows you could be tomorrows Oscar winner.

The organizations below could help you nurture your talent:

  • Ministry of Culture & Arts
  • Kenya National Theatre
  • Ministry of Youth and Gender affairs
  • World Youth Alliance (Kenya)
  • Chandaria Business innovation
  • Alliance Franchise
  • Kenya Rugby/Football association