How to tell a genuine Ksh.1000 note in the new currency

How to tell a genuine Ksh.1000 note in the new currency

The deadline for the old Ksh.1000 notes is fast approaching.

The Central Bank of Kenya said the old Ksh. 1000 currency will no longer be accepted as legal tender starting October 1.

Cases of fake notes in the new currency have also been on the rise with police on high alert and several suspects arrested.

According to the CBK, this is how to tell a genuine Ksh. 1000 note:

Kenya's new currency. The Ksh,1000 note which will now be legal tender from October 1, 2019

The front of the banknotes bears the image of Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC).

On the edges of the new Ksh. 1000 note are five bars.

If you run your fingers over the note, you should feel the the bars and the 1000 imprint.

The word ‘Kenya’ is imprinted on the note and is among features that help visually impaired persons identify it.

If you hold up the note to the light; a watermark of a lion’s head as well, the letters ‘CBK’ and the value of the bank note will appear.

A security thread appears as a continuous line and changes color from red to green if you tilt it at an angle.

The golden band on the back of the note also shows the value.