How to answer ‘Why do you want to work here?’

In a job interview, the question ”Why do you want to work here?” is common.

Forbes says job candidates have to be very careful when expressing their answers.

”With a little forethought, your answer will help establish your credibility, convince a hiring manager to like you, and prove your value to an organization,” Elena Bajic, a HR practitioner, told Forbes.

Before trying to figure out how to answer that question however, it is important to know what your prospective employer would be using to determine whether you are suitable for them.

Research shows that most interviewers would like to find out if you are enthusiastic about the organization and whether the values you uphold match with that of the prospective employer.

They would also like to find out or determine whether or not you have done research about the organization and the extent of your knowledge.

Being specific with your answers rather than giving general, vague responses also tells a lot about you. A good example is simply saying that you are taking a job for career change instead of telling the interviewer why.

Forbes lists some tips for answering the question: ”Why do you want to work here?”

1. Focus on why their culture is good for you

Speak about the company culture and tell the interviewer why it is the best for you to thrive.

Highlight specific aspects of the culture because appearing ambiguous makes you look that you know very little about the organization.

Interacting with employees at the office just before the interview allows you to pick out aspects that you can mention when asked the question.

2. Speak about the company’s reputation as an employer

Find out about the company’s reputation and use what you find out to aptly express why you would want to work with them.

For instance you can pick one aspect of employee welfare programs such as advanced training and tell the Human Resource official that it is an excellent program that can benefit both you and the company.

3. Have knowledge on the company’s products or services

Another talking point is the product or service provided by the company. Use the product if you can get a hold of it before the interview and if you enjoy the experience, be sure to highlight the same.

4. Make yourself a relevant contributor to the company’s objectives

Companies also have objectives and they hire those who they feel can contribute to achieving those objectives.

As an interviewee, know what the objectives and figure out which ones are related to your area of specialty.

Speak about what you like about the objectives and what you can contribute towards achieving them.

5. Focus on the future 

It is also important to avoid bringing your past into the interview.

If you had a bad history with your former employer, do not put too much focus on it when you answer questions.

This is because the interviewer starts to have doubts about what you will say about them if your relationship with them were to end.

6. Avoid talking about renumeration

The main motivation for a job search is often the pay and benefits you are likely to get.

However, do not give this as a a reason for wanting a job; you can speak about it when you have formally received an offer.

At the interview, do your best to sell yourself, this will give you leverage at the negotiation table.

7. Show them your personality

As much as it is good to be professional and to prepare well for your interview, do not speak as if you are reading from a rehearsed script.

Speak from your heart, albeit with good measure so that the interviewer can resonate with you.







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