Honda betting on regulations to restore sanity in boda boda sector

Streamlining the bod boda business and formalizing taxation will play a key role in bring order to the otherwise chaotic sector.

According to motorcycle assembly firm Honda, which has projected more growth in the sector this year owing to demand, the boda boda sector is categorized as one of the biggest drivers of economic growth in the transport industry.

Despite its potential to generate an estimated Ksh.600 million daily, the sector remains largely unregulated.

It is perhaps against this backdrop that some players are calling for the policies that will bring order to the sector, taxation being key.

“We need to create a policy that brings the boda bodas into the mainstream entry into payment of taxes so that our taxman provides for them the roads where they must use…,” said Isaac Kalua, Chairman, Honda Motorcycles.

According to Honda, in Kenya up to 4.8 million people depend on boda bodas for their livelihood.

The sector is also the common mode of transport in both urban and rural areas and as such, has been linked to the rise in accidents due to recklessness and wanton disregard of traffic rules.

” Every market has its mad man, and industry of boda boda has been invaded by such people who are unruly, rude….out of this you find people operating crazily” said Kalua.

Regional head of Honda Africa and Middle East Taro Kobayashi, says the Kenyan market is poised for growth.

” Kenyan market we are still developing, it will grow more and more….We just reached 50,000 units and it will grow more and more, similar to other African countries,” said Kobayashi.

The Honda boss is in the country on a two-day visit to celebrate Honda’s milestone in Kenya through production.

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