Fuel truckers protest transport curfew

Petroleum transporters have called on the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) to review the transport schedule for petroleum products.

In December, the ERC directed that fuel trucks stop transportation at 6pm as part of efforts to reduce deadly accidents.

The Kenya Independent Petroleum Distributors Association (KIPEDA) has however taken issue with the directive arguing it will lead to losses.

KIPEDA Chairman Joseph Karanja said on Monday that the regulator ought to engage with industry stakeholders to come up with polices that uphold safety and at the same time does not disrupt business.

“When an accident occurs it’s regrettable because it’s not anyone’s desire to cause an accident. But to introduce directives that hamper business is wrong,” Mr Karanja said.

He was talking while addressing petroleum truck drivers who staged a protest in Lunga Lunga earlier in the day.

KIPEDA has asked its members to remove their trucks from the road for two days until the matter is handled.

“We want the rule suspended or we remove our trucks from the road,” he said.

The ERC wrote a letter in December to the Inspector General police stating that all tank trucks that carry petroleum should not travel before 6am or after 6pm.

The rule was implemented due to the recent tank truck accident that happened in the Nairobi to Naivasha road that killed 30 people.

Mr Karanja called on the ERC to suspend the directive as stakeholders engage to find a long term solution.

The independent fuel dealers also want the road infrastructure to be improved to ease petroleum transport.

Report by Brenda Nyamichabaa