Enter new Nzoia Sugar MD Michael Wanjala Makokha

Michael Wanjala Makokha has been elected as the new Nzoia Sugar Managing Director.

The company was under Michael Kulundu as the acting MD but he died in March this year after an attacked by unknown assailants.

The new MD is an accountant and is expected to revive the company which is undergoing a cash crisis.

Nzoia Sugar has not paid over 900 employees salaries for over four months including accrued millions of shillings farmer’s arrears.

Despite the government paying some of the farmers early this year the debt is yet to be fully paid off.

Wanjala has however urged the farmers and workers to be patient assuring them that their dues will be settled.

He boasted over the 10,000 hectares of land belonging to the company saying this is advantageous to them compared  to other sugar mills.

Report by Cheptai Namisi