Digital taxi app Bolt adds electric vehicles to fleet

Digital taxi app Bolt adds electric vehicles to fleet

Rides hailing company Bolt has added hybrid and electric vehicles to its fleet as the firm moves to align operations to climate-friendly policies.

The tech-based start-up says it will initially role out the eco-friendly rides in Nairobi before expanding the portfolio to other parts of the country.

“Having electric and hybrid vehicles on our platform is a step towards ensuring environmentally conscious ways for people to move around in the city and reduce our ecological footprint,” said Ola Akinnusi, Country Manager at Bolt.

“Our core business is to provide reliable, safe and affordable transportation services to everyone and we are excited to make travel easier and smarter across the country. We are humbled to offer Kenyans more choices to move smartly in cities.”

Bolt joins the ranks of other peers in the industry who have gone electric in line with the global switch to eco-friendly transport options.

Rides hailing company NopeaRide for instance runs 100 per cent of vehicles on its fleet in electricity cutting its carbon foot-print while also deriving greater revenues for drivers on its platform.

The company for instance says drivers earn 30-50 per cent higher revenues that those in traditional gasoline cars.

Like in other parts of the world, Kenya has seen increased interest in electric vehicles with utility company Kenya Power now planning to establish charging stations to profit off the hysteria.

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