Dear Kenyan, you are poor because you choose to

Dear Kenyan, have you ever looked into poverty with a keen eye? You may be born poor, but you don’t have to remain that way. You only choose to remain poor. This is how.

1. Poverty is a mentality – Just as rich is. Human beings have the ability to be whatever they want to be; smart, stupid, free, happy, unhappy, rich, poor, etc. These are all choices that people have control over and is all in the mind.

2. “Poor people are born poor and that they are victims” – Is that phrase new to you? or you have heard it in Swahili, “Maskini atabaki kuwa maskini naye tajiri atajirike zaidi“? Victims of what? A different starting point in life? People start life in different places and from different dispensations, but this does not mean they are destined to end life the same place they started life.

Being born poor is not your mistake, but dying poor is.

3. Poor people make poor financial decisions than rich people – Poor people don’t save money. They always think they are victimized. They don’t defer instant gratification. They replace self-responsibility for state responsibility. There are a number of decisions poor people make which keep them poor. Just with a simple thought, this can all change.

4. Poor people generally don’t want to change their choices because it is hard and uncomfortable –It is easier to remain poor and put the blame on somebody else, rather than yourself. Poor people generally come from poor families who tell their children the same lie that they are poor and they will always be poor. This narrative is then passed on to succeeding generations and ends up being a religion for poor people. Just as rich people have their own religion they teach their children about resources.

5. Poor people don’t have the education that rich people do – As this point can be self-explanatory, parents always have a dream of giving their children a better education than what they got. They, however, look at this in relation to how deep their pockets are and the deeper it gets, the better. However, real entrepreneurs know that real rich doesn’t happen with school or a degree.

Just as some poor people can become rich, some rich people can become poor. It all depends with the kind of decisions that you make. The school mentality should also be deleted from our mentality and we need to stop saying “I can’t” and start saying “I can”. Everyone is rich, it’s only the level that differs.



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