Why I need a younger man

Cougars are not good for society. At least that is a statement I have heard time and time again.

Why I need a younger man
Why I need a younger man

It is shameful for a woman to go robbing the cradle. That’s what other spiteful, old, bitter women go saying. Bla bla bla…

Nobody says that about a 55-year-old man dating 25-year-old-woman.

There is no shame in an older woman, who still looks good, dating a younger man.

After all, the younger man must have been attracted to her in the first place.

Let’s keep it real people, many young men are into older women.

And older women need that reassurance that they still look good despite being 40 or 50 years old.

So yes, I need a younger man.

He will introduce me to the unexpected and open my door to so many possibilities.

There shall be many exciting differences that come from the disparities in the decades we grew up in.

He will force me to grow and make me see things differently. I will see a new world with new eyes.

I need a younger man because my life will be richer as a result of it. Like Stella, I shall get my groove back.

The best part about being a cougar is that you can get that hot guy you always wanted in your 20’s but couldn’t.

There is no need for attachment or having a long-term relationship that leads to commitments.

Dating a younger man is freeing, exhilarating, fun and stirring. Think of it as a vacation.

So, I need a younger man, if for nothing else, for the sex.

I have the money for it. Or not. Who cares? It’s all about me for now.


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