Rihanna at 2015 MET Gala: Covered Up or Not ?

Legendary Diva Dame Shirley Bassey this week slammed Rihanna, Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Lopez for their skimpy outfits during the MET Gala Awards earlier this month.

Dame Shirley is of the opinion that stars today spend more time competing on the wardrobe department than competing to show off their vocal prowess.

In a clever attempt to avoid being attacked on her choice of clothing during her glory days the Diamonds are Forever singer stated, “In my day it was for the stage only, you didn’t go out like that,” she further explained “I think you have to leave a lot to the imagination – yes my dance was sexy and my dress had slits down to here, but I left a lot to the imagination. I didn’t show everything.”

I share the Welsch singer’s thoughts on the choice of dressing for our stars nowadays but I do not agree to her inclusion of Rihanna in the list of stars that she felt were the most skimpily dressed at the MET Gala Awards 2015.

Indeed Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Lopez pushed the provocative button a bit too far with their bejeweled sheer gowns, but I doubt the same can be said about Rihanna’s jaw-dropping Guo Pei Dress.

Rihanna at Met Gala
Rihanna at Met Gala

If one takes into consideration the length and material used for her train gown, I think it can be argued that Rihanna may just have been one of the celebrities who chose to cover up at the MET Gala Awards 2015.


Unlike the other three celebrities in Dame Shirley Bassey’s list of shame, RiRi’s gown was nowhere close to being a sheer gown, which obviously means that none of us can claim to have seen through her gown.

As a fashion enthusiast, I specifically remember having spent a couple of minutes looking at Bey’s gown to see if she was completely nude or had worn a nude bodysuit under the dress.

Additionally, Bassey also talks of leaving a little to the imagination; which I also think Rihanna did better than Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Lopez.

Rihanna’s gown was alluring because she covered up but still exposed some skin: while walking the red carpet, a hot pink bra peeked through RiRi’s outfit, leaving most of us wondering what she must have been wearing underneath.

Lastly, if one was to compare Rihanna’s yellow gown at the MET gala awards with Dame Shirley Bassey’s outfit during her 25th diamond anniversary, one is left to wonder how different these two outfits are.

I know some would argue that there’s a difference but to me, I see a lot of fur going on and I also notice some showing of leg in both outfits etc



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