OYUKE: Why neither CORD nor Jubilee is the remedy for our ailing country

OYUKE: Why neither CORD nor Jubilee is the remedy for our ailing country

With the celebration of the no case to answer ruling in Deputy President William Ruto and journalist Joshua Arap Sang’s ICC case and the subsequent ‘What about the victims’ question, it is obvious the atmosphere is being made ready for the 2017 elections.

We are tribal, spiteful, arrogant, deceitful, manipulative and callous people and this has nothing to do with the coming elections. Somehow, we became this way.

Somewhere along the path, we morphed into the monsters suburban children tell their parents are hiding under their beds.

We are our own worst enemy and the truth is, we know it. We just don’t care anymore.

There was backlash over David Ndii’s article and Rev. Timothy Njoya aptly put it that it was not necessarily a statement of intent as it was a piece of prophecy.

We lie to ourselves that Kenyans have healed from traumas that nobody apologised or took responsibility for. We wake up and look in the mirror with demonic arrogance in pretense that we are a united nation. We are not.

Never have we been so divided. From tribe to class, never has a time been so apparent that our foundations have been rocked. Our national fabric torn, our sense of integrity slain and our nationalism is non-existent.

Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) and Jubilee will never be the answer to our intricately self-deprecating problems. Before CORD and Jubilee, before ODM and PNU, even before the formation of KAU, there was a desire for national freedom.

What existed before them were hopes, belief, national pride and a desire to for a Kenya where everyone could achieve their destiny as an independent people.

Later, the lives of Kenyans were lost in a fight against a common enemy yet now, we willingly brand each other enemy. Probably the remains of Dedan Kimathi are in hiding, dreading being touched by a people who would care less for a collective united Kenya.

Our politicians are merely the poster boys for the inner destruction brewing in our hearts.

What is wrong with us? To what extent would we want to see this country so battered, for us to finally realize on its death bed that we should have been better? Will the piper keep having his way?

There are those who are reading this and are quick to mentally point a finger at a political party for bringing us to this point. What is your individual role in keeping us where that party you just thought of left us? Are you simmering with a heart of revenge, malice and salivating at the possibility of your turn to eat? Maybe you’re marinating in the cesspool of greed, tribalism, corruption and impunity and standing at the door of equality barring anybody else from having a chance to pass through.

Or maybe you are just too angry at everything and got so numb to the extent you don’t believe a difference can be made.

The mere fact that even when we change our national assembly time and time again and nothing gets better should show us we have a deep-seated problem!

We have had gross inequality in this country ever since a minute past independence. The colonial masters simply changed what they wore, how they spoke and how they looked. Mindset was their biggest Trojan horse and we simply received the baton of division and are running the modern day colonization race with verve and diligence. Let’s be honest.

Without allowing those in leadership to go free from responsibility, President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition leader Raila Odinga must be braver than ever if they are to help change the narrative, putting party and personal gain for the sake of Kenya.

I simply refuse to envision this country going on to fester in hate for each other over decisions, oaths, pacts, mindsets and declarations that were made from a position of political greed.

I mention our president with deliberate intention because he is the leader of this nation. Whether the opposition likes it or not, whether he has made mistakes or not, regardless of who wins the 2017 elections, as the head of the household of Kenya.  Uhuru must put political affiliation aside and lead in the highly necessary work to restore our foundations.

I’m a believer in values, ideals, national beliefs, unity, truth, justice, national equality and love for all Kenyans.  The truth is these are what existed before we had a national political system.

We wanted a free Kenya; one where our children generations from now can call home long after we’re gone. One where we know they will be safe even without us, safe because the country is safe and filled with love and nationalism.

To get there, we must take responsibility for how we got here. We may not have been here when the rot began but we must be a part of that rot ending.

We must ask for our hearts to be made more forgiving, to choose our country over our tribe. It is a deep work but we simply must. CORD and Jubilee must refuse to lead from a myopic perspective once and for all.

We cannot wait to be seen differently by others, it must start with how we see. It must be a choice. It will come with the pain of going the road less travelled, but until we are ready to lose as an individual for the sake of national gain, until we esteem others more and see them as equal to us, then our children will never know this as home. We owe it to them to be better.

We heard that Kenya has turned a new chapter. Turning a new chapter doesn’t make the reading palatable. Until this new chapter is written with the hands of all Kenyans, the ink of justice, responsibility, selflessness, accountability, nationhood, forgiveness, unity, equality and sincere love as led from those who steward this country, these so-called new chapters have no value. Only those written with the above are the chapters worth turning.

We have the ink now, what will you choose to write?

By David Oyuke

David Oyuke is a poet, writer, musician and the Breakfast Radio Host on Hot 96. He is passionate about youth, leadership and he believes that everyone has a role to play in making a positive difference.


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