OPINION: What Posta can do to be competitive in the 21st century

Posta employees haven’t been paid for months and the company is 5 billion shillings in debt. When people stopped sending letters the company refused to adapt.

This company has so much potential and many possible revenue streams.

The most obvious one from where I’m standing is app-based nduthi (motorcycle) deliveries.

Posta could easily create an app like Safe Boda or Uber that focuses on fulfillment for e commerce businesses and doing deliveries for people.

How many times in the last month have you used a nduthi to deliver something ? A couple of times right?

There are a million registered motorbikes in Kenya so the nduthi business is big bucks.

Posta could easily make tens of millions a day in commissions doing motorbike deliveries in major towns.

Second one is sending parcels. When someone wants to send a parcel to another town we always think of Modern Coast, G4S, Matatu Saccos and so on. Never Posta.

This is a very big market where Posta has failed to capitalize on despite having country wide infrastructure.

The third revenue stream Posta can make bank on is Amazon fulfillment.

Kenyans are increasingly shopping online from American and British stores and they use shipping companies like Savo Store, Salihiya and so on.

EMS is a sleeping giant and Posta can extract so much value from the service.

Posta, adapt and innovate. Stop waiting for bailouts from treasury!!!

The writer Moses Kimaru is a social media practitioner. The views expressed in this article are the writer’s opinion.

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