NDUBI: Discord in CORD a road to ‘glorious failure’

NDUBI: Discord in CORD a road to ‘glorious failure’

It is now agreeable that the opposition coalition was stronger nearly four years ago in the run-up to the 2013 General Election.

But the biggest challenge for the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) is not just popularity (strength) anymore but slowing down (and in all optimism, halting) the speed of its disintegration.

In its birth, the CORD of December 4, 2012, was a formidable force enjoying near countrywide support reflected in its convincing wins of 141 out of 349 (MPs), 29/67 (Senate), 29/47 (Governors) and 1,432/2,526 MCAs.

The flag bearer was clear from the formation with vibrant generals and energetic foot soldiers working in harmony in what could be the best ever fight for the coalition if it survives another bout.

That is in stark contrast to current discord with several defections, consistent failure by affiliate parties to whip errant members and incongruent principals as key ingredients to the otherwise successful 2013 team bolt out.

CORD’s failure to agree on a presidential candidate even as campaign mode kicks paints a terrible picture of what government the coalition would form if it were to win the next election.

The principals choose to hide under the lie of ‘strengthening individual parties’ when the coalition’s best shot is obvious.

It is so apparent that in media interviews there’s an excusable mistake of confusing CORD for ODM. Its party leader, Raila Odinga, is in fact on record asserting the party could opt to go alone.

While Raila hasn’t expressly said he’s the best-suited candidate, Wiper’s Kalonzo Musyoka insistence that he’s best placed to be the flag bearer indicates an inevitable stalemate that dogs Kenya’s only viable alternative to Jubilee.

As the opposition struggles to accept that the troubled marriage needs divorce or at least urgent counselling, Jubilee Party was formed and members, as well as defectors, are harping on the ‘Tuko Pamoja’ fable whose believability increases as CORD wilts.

Wiper has given a December 25 deadline for the Coalition to declare a presidential candidate, co-principal Moses Wetangula now says Odinga should accept a ‘special role in CORD government’ while ODM has been preaching a six-piece vote in 2017… Political analyst Barrack Muluka best sums this up as ‘unity of mutual attrition.’

Amid all this uncertainty, some coalition members still ‘dare to dream’ of 2022! It would not be entirely speculative to say CORD would be a 100-page article on Wikipedia by that time.

While it isn’t at all late to declare a candidate, Jubilee Party could be said to be having an upper hand that could translate to a huge advantage in December if CORD settles for someone other than Odinga.

CORD principals are duty bound to show leadership, subordinate individual egos to steer the coalition to competitiveness and deliver victory for their followers.

If CORD disintegrates before the election, each principal will have a more than uphill task in the race for Presidency. In fact, a glorious failure.


EDITOR’S NOTE: This article does not represent the position of Royal Media Services Ltd or any of its factions.

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