MURIMI: What love means to me

Today is Valentine’s Day, a day associated with romantic love. This is the day when men are forced to shape up and reach deeper into their pockets, a day when Nairobi is painted with the color of passion and desire – red.

I have never understood the hullabaloo, what with the chocolates and red roses, the dinners and the drives out of town. I have never understood the flashy displays of affection or the need to fight off an imaginary competitor.

I do not see the need to splurge Ksh5.4Million for a night at one of the best hotels in the city. Maybe I am just a simple kind of girl, or maybe I think that if you were going to splash that amount of money, it would be better used creating something more memorable.

People have forgotten the simplicity of love.

Women have pushed men to ridiculous lengths, expecting what they see in telenovelas to become a reality in their lives.

Darlings, the most beautiful love is born in effortlessness.

Love is in caring, in talking for endless hours, in laughter and in poetic sonnets. Love is in music, in nature and in every breath you take. Love is in happiness, in selflessness, in thoughtfulness and in compromise.

Love is unconditional.

Most of all, love is an everyday event. Sure, gifts once in a while will not hurt, but do not let what happens today define the outcome of tomorrow.

Darlings, if you do not receive a gift today that does not mean you are loved less. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Do not let society define what your love is and what your feelings are. Unrealistic demands for materialistic things have always been the bane of many relationships.

Darlings, if this day means so much to you, flip the script on your man. Make him a nice dinner for just the two of you. It does not matter if the wine is cheap or if the food is not up to five-star standards, what matters is in that moment, love has taken precedence.

After the meal, cuddle up, and watch a movie or two.

The greatest statements are made in the quiet silence of loud love.

You will feel better and he will feel even more loved and develop a deeper respect for you as a result of your gesture.

This is to love and all who believe in it.

Happy Valentines Day darlings!

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