OMONDI: Watch yourself! Men caught behaving badly

In this era of the famous Odi dance, almost every Kenyan has a smart phone. And everybody is recording everything and posting it online.

About to take a shower? Snap. Having avocado for dinner? Snap. Going out for a walk? Snap. Checking into the bar? Snap. Hell, Tanzanian artiste Diamond Platinumz is out here taking pictures of himself with female fans in a seemingly sensual encounter.

The young generation has become so hooked to their phones that they feel it is impractical to use a bathroom without doing a live video. But that’s all fun and games until you break the law.

A popular snack bar was on the spot this week when a video surfaced of white police officers harassing and arresting a couple of black guys just because they had not ordered anything yet.

The demonstrations that followed forced the C.E.O himself to spring from whatever yacht he was drinking cocktails on and, personally, issue an apology to the black community.

In Kenya, a video recently surfaced of a man slapping an election observer in Nyeri. Another hit the interwebs of a police officer assaulting an unarmed man; stepping on his head.

Both men have since been arrested following social media uproar and, possibly, facing jail terms. The Government has also released scathing statement on the same.

We’ve also seen a video of yet another police officer harassing a taxi driver for using the wrong gate and a fearless woman coming to his defense. And another of a citizen blocking a politician from overlapping in traffic.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to get away with any crime in this country. So, whatever you do, don’t break the law because, I assure you, you someone will have recorded it and posted on social media.

You can take that to the bank!

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