Journo’s journal: The road to Turkana

Journo’s journal: The road to Turkana

It is 4AM and we are on our way to Lokichar, Turkana South for an energy story.

Barely 30 minutes and 7 kilometers into our early morning journey on Lodwar’s rocky terrain, the tyre of the double cabin we are traveling in gets a puncture.

Puncture in Turkana's rocky road

Our driver James Epeta seems unfazed. We are in the middle of a ‘highway’, he says. If we need any help, it will be easy to access it.


“This is normal in this area,” he says.

Turkana’s infrastructure is barely existent and locals are forced to buy cars with off-road ability to weather the terrain.

“Sometimes we have to carry three spare tyres. Our roads are terrible so we have to adjust accordingly,” says Epeta.

It is a tedious start to our morning, and Citizen TV’s Patrick Igunza and Samuel Ramtu try to help where they can.

Citizen TV's Patrick Igunza  and Radio Citizen's Samuel Ramtu
Citizen TV’s Patrick Igunza and Radio Citizen’s Samuel Ramtu

Our right tyre has a slow puncture. Worse still, the bolts do not fit into the tyre we are trying to fix.

Epeta has to go back to Lodwar town and get spare tyres and bolts.

About 15 minutes later, Epeta catches a ride back into town.

Epeta catches a ride to Lodwar town
Epeta catches a ride to Lodwar town

We are left in the middle of nowhere. Alone.

Igunza stubbornly tries to make the bolts fit and I indulge him.

Igunza and I
Igunza and I

In the distant horizon, the sun is rising, Epeta is back.

Epeta fixing tyre
Epeta fixing tyre

Exactly two hours later after our puncture incident, we are back on the road.

It is now 6:30AM. Lokichar, here we come.

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