How to Transform Your Balcony into A Green Paradise

How to Transform Your Balcony into A Green Paradise

Living in a city like Nairobi sometimes means you live in a high-rise flat in Umoja or Upperhill etc,


The only greenery you see are those trees and hedges planted by the county council struggling to survive the smoke and pollution.


The only chance you may have to bask in the sun and enjoy the fresh air may be when you’re attending the odd wedding in the village or a funeral in some far flung county.


Well, it doesn’t have to be like that, you can enjoy your day in the sun on your balcony in Umoja, just like you would at Uhuru Park.


But in most of our houses, the balcony is used to store old and unused items in the house or sometimes just left bare.


You can transform your crowded dusty balcony into a haven of rest and relaxation by taking these very simple steps.

Unclutter the Balcony

Balcony Design
Balcony Design

First, remove all the clutter from your balcony and dust it.

Remove the unused mattress, that old chair, those old shoes.

Do something better with them, like selling or donating to people who will put them into better use.

A clean bare space will stimulate your creative juices and make you see it in a different perspective.

Assess the size and capacity before you go shopping for furniture and accessories.


Hanging Planters and Potted Plants

Hanging planters
Hanging planters

You can transform your dusty balcony to a beautiful garden by installing hanging planters and adding a few potted plants.


The visual appeal it will give your balcony is unrivalled.


A good tip is to use scented flowers that bloom at different times so that the area will always be colourful and smelling fresh.


Another awesome way to transform your terrace into a garden paradise is to use climbing plants.


You can put a wooden frame on the balcony to give the plants shape or make sure the plants cling to the wall.


Comfortable Floor

Balcony carpet
Balcony carpet

The floor of the balcony should be comfortable and beautiful.

I encourage you to try using an outdoor carpet. You can use a great green grass-inspired carpet as long as the area does not get rained on.


Cosy Furniture

Balcony Furniture
Balcony Furniture

Now, to complete your new sanctuary, you have to put in a comfortable chair and a table, if space allows it.

You can have a lovely folding chair and table that you can take back inside if it rains.

If rain does not get to your balcony, it would be a great idea to buy outdoor furniture that does not wither under the elements.

Once you’ve done all that, you can now enjoy your wonderful rest haven, a garden right outside your house on the tenth floor.


By Lisa Kamau

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