CHELAGAT: Global singles awareness day (also known as Valentine’s Day) is here

CHELAGAT: Global singles awareness day (also known as Valentine’s Day) is here

Global singles awareness day is here and those of you who are lucky enough to be exempt from the list of shame must put in a little effort in your relationships. Yes, it is that time of year when men are forced to go to girly shops and buy things that they would otherwise refuse to touch with a ten foot pole. You know the cute scruffy teddy bears, heart shaped chocolates and floral scented toiletries they know absolutely nothing about.

If my male friends are anything to go by, Valentine’s Day could not mean any less to men. It is not that they do not care about their beaus-it is just that they don’t understand why they are obligated to make a grand show on the 14th of February.

“On birthdays, anniversaries, and dates that have significance in our relationship I do not mind going all out. By all means, I put a lot of thought into what I do for her on such occasions. But ati valentines???” one of my buddies lamented over a sizzling pile of nyama choma.

Cutting in, Seth adds, “You know love is a 24/7 thing, man. Just because I part with a few thaos once a year to indulge your vanity does not mean a thing. Any jerk can buy a girl chocolates and flowers, but takes a real man to love her all year round.”

His remark was met with several approving grunts as we tore away at the choma. The conversation continued and as we spoke, one redundant theme percolated through the layers of words: for many men, Valentine ’s Day is a day when they feel obliged to play into what society prescribes as romantic.

So every February out they trudge to shops looking for that ‘special something’ to put a smile on your face. They book an opulent overpriced dinner at a swanky restaurant complete with sparkling wine flowers and imported chocolates. They whisper sweet nothings into your ear hold your hand and play the role of Prince Charming for the night.

And for that night a princess you will be. You will have splurged on an expensive sensual gown that hugs you in all the right places. You hair will be swept up into an elegant bun with the extensions carefully coiffed into place. The six inch heels you bought on impulse six months ago will finally see the light of day, and you will look marvelous.

And for that night you put all your differences aside so that you can celebrate your love. You bury your insecurities under sappy ballad induced emotions and all is well at last…at least until February 15th.